The truck is packed to the gills and is reminiscent of the Beverly Hillbillies with our hodgepodge of dog boxes, coolers and grills.  Bruce, myself, JR and Anna Anderson are leaving Wednesday for Alaska to go DOG SHOPPING!!!  Yes, you read that correct – DOG shopping.  Why buy a dog within 4 hours from you when you can get one 4 days away?!?!?  The plan is to actually drive straight there and back and be in the car for 12 days … TOGETHER….NON-STOP!!!  It is a road trip of the largest magnitude and should be exhilerating, exhausting, expensive, a huge learning experience and a true test of friendship :)~  However, since we’ve roomed together for two years at the Wyoming Stage Race and faired very well, we are fairly confident that we can withstand an endurance trip to Alaska…… we hope!

There is some debate amongst us who actually came up with this hair brained idea.  Bruce is claiming it was me, JR and Anna.  I don’t personally recollect this, but if I heard the word, “shopping” there is some possiblity that I signed us up.  However, it is JR and Bruce that have planned the actual endurance event so I am standing firm that it was JR and Bruce who planned this all along and somehow tricked me and Anna with the shopping gig.  I, personally, was also bamboozled with some romantic story about being taken to Alaska for my 16th anniversary.  Hmmmm he used to take me golfing to nice resorts at warm tropical locales…….and then came the dogs 🙂  But, as you all know……life is now somehow richer than ever before!   

During our visit to Alaska we have plans to stay with Arleigh Reynolds, Egil Ellis, Joey Redington Jr., and Mark Nordman.  We also plan to visit the kennels of the Streepers, Bill Kornmueller, Jeff King and possibly Martin Buser.  It is going to be a blast and we cannot wait to meet most of these folks face to face for the first time and spend some time talking dogs.  We are very excited to get the opportunity to see dogs from, undoubtably some of the best kennels in the world!  Bruce and I have already secured 2 additions to our kennel; (1) dog from Egil and (1) dog from Joey, which we are very excited about.  We have decided to intentionally not bring the dog truck to keep the dog purchases limited to how many we can carry; oh, and to save on gas 🙂    Stay tuned we’ll be blogging from the road and posting photos to the gallery!

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