Little did I know as a youth that I would spend a great deal of my adult years sleeping around in the backseats of trucks!!  Ok, minds out of the gutter…..I am literal when I say sleeping and by MYSELF mind you!  It was a brisk 15 degrees when I awoke from my slumber this morning.  However, I was cozy in the artic sleeping bag with all my blankets and pillows.  I turned the truck on and instant heat.  I didn’t catch as much shut eye as I hoped because my bladder said it was time to get up and unfortunately this meant gearing up and facing the elements.  Lot’s of folks were up in the community center and already knew the news that Bruce was the first one out of Wetmore.  This is what we anticipated given the team’s training.  He was going to let the dogs dictate when he left because he knew they would not rest well after just a 60 miles.  There would be no point in staying if the dogs were just standing there hammering on the line and disturbing everyone else.  He only thought he would get 3 hours out of them, but managed an additional hour.  The only part that stinks is that he may be breaking trail for everyone else.  There are 3 other teams that left within 15-30 minutes of him so maybe they’ll all wind up sharing the chore.  Looking at the times, it must have been a bit of a rough trail given the speeds and times into wetmore.  Bruce is running exactly as he planned and he left Wetmore with 12.  We’ve heard a rumor this morning that there is another storm brewing that will have significant accumulation and high winds starting this afternoon.  Bruce’s team should rest really well when they get here and he’ll have more time than some.  Hopefully, that will help if the weather does hit the trail today.  Stay tuned

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