Bruce’s Race Update

Bruce came into Portage with a good run behind him.  He had the 7th fastest time and things looked good.  Tanya had a sore wrist and had to be scratched.  As Bruce tried to get some rest Toppi sat outside screaming to go.  As teams started to leave it got worse.  He probably only got 1/2 hour rest the entire time.  Bruce, who usually never rests, seemed a little out of sorts from the cat nap, but got lively as he started to move.  He said the trail and conditions were pretty tough, but they managed fine.  The team was absolutely fired up when the left and were definitley amped to get back on the trail.  The race organization made an announcement that this was turning out to be one of the toughest Can-Am’s in history as the weather had continued to get worse and high winds kicked up.  He announced the five fastest teams for the Portage/Rocky Brook leg and Bruce was amongst them in #5.  We were very excited.  The plan was to run through Rocky Brook.  I immediately became alarmed when I checked the internet around 11AM and he had not left yet.  I kept checking on the hour and there was no update.  I knew something was wrong.  At around 2:00PM I saw that he had scratched.  We headed to headquarters to find out what was going on.  They had 2 more dogs, both with sore wrists.  They were working on arranging to get the remaining 9 back to town.  It’s almost 6 PM and we are still waiting to go and pick him up and find out more details.  Stay tuned 

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