Crappy Decisions Are Made Near the Commode

It’s foggy, but I can recall having my arms wrapped around the commode with my head on the seat.  The “King flu” that I caught in Wyoming had taken a turn for the worse and went from a full blown head/chest deal to intestinal agony.  I don’t know if it’s fair to dub it the “King flu”, but I figure that he showed up with it, everyone caught it and so I’m okay with blaming him.  Besides it’s sort of like having a hurricane named after you, but it’s the flu.  At any rate, there I was face pressed to the bowl and I hear this voice.  Was it Bruce’s?  Could it be the Porcelin God?   It was fuzzy and faint, but I clearly heard, “I think it would be best if we did the UP 200 instead of the CanAm.”    UP 200…….. UP instead of Can-Am……… 200…….. I hurled and slid down the bowl in a heap resting my face on the cool tiles!  The UP 200 was next weekend which would leave us only 5 days to prepare.  Well, that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but considering that I was completely incapable of standing upright and we had to head back to work 450 miles away for the week it became a big deal.  I wasn’t sure how and when we would pack/prepare for this race given the circumstances.  It went something like this.   After 24 hours of pure commode agony, by Saturday I was finally able to make short trips in the upright position.  These trips consisted of running out in boots and pajamas to help Bruce get the team in and out of the yard for training.  I would then head back to the couch to control the spinning.   On Sunday, I was moving about but had still not eaten more than toast.    Bruce left for the training run with a roll of toilet paper and I knew that the pre-race preparation was going to get worse before it got better and I was right.  He returned as white as a ghost.  I managed to get the team back in the yard, pack the truck and then loaded him in the passenger seat for the 450 mile trip back to Detroit.

We were up at 4:30AM on Monday and literally couldn’t get out of bed.  We rolled into work late, trudged through the paperwork and got out of there by 4:30P We headed to Meigers that evening to buy supplies from a list I wrote while driving home on Sunday ( I know it’s a little Britney Spearish, but you do what you gotta do).   Then we spent the evening making dog snacks and trying to get our dog gear washed.  Forewarning, NEVER make tripe snacks when you are nauseous.  Tuesday we were up at 4:30AM and headed to work.   That evening consisted of more errands and then we went home to read the rules, make lists and start preparing our race plan.  We had to be ready to roll because we would get up at 4:30AM on Wednesday, go to work and then leave for the kennel straight from work.  We packed the truck at 4:00AM went to work.  We made it to the kennel by 8:00PM Wednesday night and started packing.  Sometime before midnight we hit the hay so that we could get up at 7:00AM to run the dogs and finish packing the truck.  WHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!   We are on the road now driving on hellacious roads (AM I IN WYOMING?) ……………I hope we make it to the driver’s meeting on time!  Oh yeah, we had our first day of normal eating yesterday.  We are looking forward to the rigors of the UP200 in the next 4 days ………… I think! L

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