Free Run Kennel In Operation

After returning from Alaska we had a list a mile long of improvements that we wanted to make to the kennel.  The first one on the list was to build an enclosed free run kennel for the dogs.  Presently, we can free run on almost 400 acres of land and although that sounds great it has its downfalls.  It is not conducive to interacting with the dogs because they are truly free and many of them tear around the property and then meet us back at the kennel.  This type of free running is also not safe when the weather is really hot so in the summer it is often that the dogs can’t get out to exercise.  Lastly, there were many dogs that only Bruce and I could free run and the handlers couldn’t help get those dogs out during the week because they could not be confident they could get them back to the kennel.  The purpose of the enclosed free run area was to improve the interactions we have with the dogs by having them in a more enclosed area, to work on improving their social behaviors with each other and to have a safer environment for them to run.  Along with the help of our handlers, Mark and Lynn, we put the free run area up in two weekends and it is now complete.  It’s approximately 3 acres enclosed with fencing and attached to the main kennel so we can just unhook dogs and let them run through the gates.  We’ve been running dogs for 2 weeks now and it has been great.  The dogs are having a blast and can cool themselves in some kiddy pools we put out and we are able to get the entire kennel out in alot less time than it took us the other way.  We still intend to free run with the 4 wheeler on the property becuase we feel it is still the best way to stretch them out and build speed, but we will do so in cooler weather closer to training season.

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