Help Has Arrived

After an arduous search for help, we are excited to announce that Frank Holmberg has agreed to help us run our dogs this year!  Unfortunately, our kennel situation has only allowed us to train 2-3 days a week in the past and the dogs never really got to have the quality training that would bring them to their full potential.  Our situation called for an experienced dog driver that could handle running large strings of powerful dogs, that could handle any situation that might occur while they were out alone with the dogs and that understood training philosophies so they could easily carry out our program to our requirements.  We found that this type of dog driver is VERY hard to come by.  So we were very excited to learn that Frank was available to help us out and that he definitely fit the bill.  We are eager to give our athletes the additional conditioning they need to excel and with Frank’s vast experience he has been able to jump right into our program to help make this happen.  It’s going to be fun to see what these dogs can do with more conditioning.  Hopefully, with four teams to run Frank doesn’t get sick of running dogs before December 🙂

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