Hiking, Hiking and More Hiking

Our training is going well and Bruce and I are having a blast this summer hiking every chance we get.  We have discovered several really cool hiking trails near our kennel and have taken full advantage of them.  We also got the chance to hike the Chapel loop at Pictured Rocks in the Upper Peninsula and that was awesome.  It’s hard to believe something so beautiful is right here in our back yard.  As we were hiking we wondered how many people have fallen off the edge – great thing to think about while enjoying nature, heh!  Later we discovered there was an actual murder that took place on those hiking trails when a husband pushed his wife off the edge becuase he was having an affair!  Glad I didn’t know that before we went, I might have been just a little jumpy…”Bruce, stand back!  Do not get closer than 3 feet! STAND BACK!”  Yes, I’m a little dramatic 🙂   So the official weight loss so far is Monica 7 lbs and Bruce 11 lbs!  Yeah!!!  The dogs are pleased and cheering us on!


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