Noooo I’m not talking about some hot musher in urine and fur infested tight winter gear !!   I’m talking weather.  We had weather in the twenties at race start last night and when we woke this morning it was 6 degrees and the entire town of Jackson Hole was covered in a beautiful frost.  Then we started driving to Lander and the temperature kept climbing and climbing and climbing until we hit 50 degrees.  We were sweating to death on the trip down and found ourselves in a depressing funk.  You’ve heard of folks getting the winter blues; well, when a musher sees 50 degrees the day before a race we get a little depressed.  Plus, it is not fun dropping dogs without all the protective winter gear.  Something about dog hair all over my black fleece tops and dogs stepping in their waste and then jumping to greet me is just too nasty for words.  Plus you can’t hide the ugly hat hair without a hat and it’s too warm for a hat! 

The results came in late last night and Bruce is pleased with his starting time.  He wanted out early because if that trail get’s soft and punchy in the heat of the day he’s hoping to be through it.  We expect that it will be lightening fast in the AM.   I think the times in Jackson Hole were some of the fastest ever ran.  We were not surprised, it played out a little as we had anticipated.  It’s sure going to be exciting to see how this all falls out.  We expect the first few stages will have some blistering speeds and then things could really shake up as the race progresses and we start to see who can maintain and who has some really good dog care.  It’s our anticipation that dog care is going to be very vital in this race.  I got my Algyval already warming up!  We’re off to the Lander banquet tonight and then we come home and figure out who is going to run tomorrow.

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