Well we arrived in Wyoming safe and sound and the trip was eventless, but it was not without some small adventures which will tell you all about later.  I got the major stomach flu the night we arrived and was out of commission for 2 1/2 days – FUN!  I was able to recover enough to take a training run on Thursday through the Alpine area and it was absolutely breathtaking.  Without a doubt the best scenery imaginable!  Unfortunately, the camera battery died and I have no pictures.  However, Anna Anderson may have saved the day and is going to e-mail me some, which I will post later.

Friday was the ceremonial start and we had a totally different experience this year.  We were CALM!!!  They had 4-wheelers to take us to the line, which was a total relief since I was totally weak from the flu and didn’t know if I could get him to the line without major help.  The team was just estatic going to the line and that made the crowd real pleased.  We had ICE in wheel and he does a great show for the audience.  He stands on his hind legs and then takes both paws and waves them rapidly up and down as if he’s saying, “Come on, come on let’s get this show on the road”!  Jerry Scidoris saw it and laughed hysterically.  He thought it should be on video because it was so priceless.  The run was uneventful, but fast!!  Bruce said there was a little tricky section near the end and he was riding the pad, the brake and trying to corner at the same time.  He finished in 11th, which was exactly where we wanted to be near the middle to end of the pack.  That will put us out on Sunday near the front to middle of the pack.  The first stage is to be a tough one in Lander.  We are scheduled to do 76 miles.  There will be a 50 mile run over the top of a mountain followed by a 1 hour layover and then a fast 26 miles in.  We’re putting all the veterans and big guys on this one so Bruce is carrying 3 snow hooks with him to make sure they actually stay put during the layover, which apparantly will be right on the side of a road.  Stay tuned!


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