The driver’s meeting got the nerves going for this first real stage of the race last night and strategies were juggled several times.  The mushers were told this would be the hardest stage of the race.  They could expect to climb 11,000+ feet in elevation with steep downhills and some rough areas.  Musher’s who had recently run the trail said it was so tough that if you didn’t control your dogs on the downhill, you could expect some injuries.  We opted to go with 10 dogs, as did most, so that we had a little more control and we left a couple big boys back that we didn’t want to injure.

We got the team out safely and now we are waiting for their arrival………………

The team arrived safe and happy!  It was an exciting finish as Tim Hunt, Magali Phillipe and Bruce headed in back to back.  Bruce was the 8th team in, but we are still awaiting the final results of his standing.  He had a great run.  He said the trail was extremely technical and he had to instantaneously learn some new skills just to survive.  He thought the trail was a pucker factor of 8-9 and he said, “I was doing things I didn’t know how to do”! His legs feel like they are going to fall off and he’s glad to have oxygen to breathe.  The guys said that when they finally got to the top of the mountain the air was so thin there were brief moments he thought he would puke!  The team looked good coming in, but we have about 3 that are banged up.  One is minor and the other two will take some work to get them back in the race.  Monica will be putting in the hours massaging to try and get them back.  The couple we are traveling with, Anna and JR Anderson, had a real great run and JR was the 5th team in.  Our other friends from Michigan, the Gilbertsons were the first team in.  Tomorrow will be an easy 30 miler.  We are putting all the yearlings on this team and we’re going to let em rip.  Stay tuned!

9:43PM  – News just came in!  Bruce takes 8th place and wins some day money!!!


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