It was a crazy start this morning!  3 dogs came off the injured list, which is always a crap shoot.  We left with Cracker and Quest in lead who were both on the injured list so we were hoping they could pull through becuase the other leader was also coming off the injured list.  We made a last minute decision to not run a female in heat becuase the entire team was nuts on the truck.  The yearlings were going on their 3rd day of running and came out of the truck a little slow this morning.  However, we got everyone hooked up and got to the chute on time and the team was in great spirits.  They were screaming and going nuts.  The countdown came and Bruce yelled hike and then suddenly for no reason they ran straight into the crowd on the sidelines!  All these little kids got wrapped up in the dogs and we were trying to untangle them.  We got the tangles undone in record time and released them and there in front of us was another team that had turned around to return a dog.  They ran literally head on into each other and our leaders pulled around at the last minute avoiding a huge mess.

The team ran a great race.  They ran 54 miles in 4 hours 35 minutes!  One dog that came off an injury is now out of the game, but everyone else looked great with some minor soreness.  We are on our way to Kemmerer for a real tough stage of the race.  Stay tuned for results! 

Bruce took 9th place.  It is now an all out war between Bruce, Warren Palfrey and Jarle Hansen for the 8-10th positions.

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