What a morning it’s been!  The wind here in Mountain View is hellacious!  Noone lives here becuase it is so bad.  The Swingley team was late to the driver’s meeting becuase the wind blew their trailer into a ditch.  Then Bruce and JR were almost late becuase JR lost his truck keys.  Anna and I stayed behind to search.  We had half the community involved and even had to call and wake up the General Manager to let us into the Pizza Hut to search.  When all this proved to be pointless, we had folks helping us find a dealership to make some keys (not an easy task on Sat. in these parts).  Needless to say, the clock was ticking and we have a 1 1/2 -2 hour ride to Park City.  The Gilbertson’s came to the rescue and we unloaded the Anderson’s truck and loaded gear and dogs into the Gilbertson’s.  In the process, Lloyd busted out his rear window while turning the 5th wheel.  It’s now 9:42AM and we are still not on the road.  We will get there in enough time to unload and race – CRAZY!

The race is a point of discontent right now to top things off.  They had limited snow in Park City so they had to move it.  They are now racing 7 miles down a railroad track and coming back.  Everyone had a problem with this becuase apparently the track is very narrow in places with steep drop offs on the sides and they are expecting everyone to head on pass, as well as, just normal passing.  It could be dangerous and it could dramatically effect someone racing for money.  There are alot of close teams today that are hoping to move up and this was not in their plans.  Apparently, we will find out the final decision when we get there………………..if we get there!

We got there!  What a crowd they gathered in Park City.  People and pet dogs everywhere.  We literally jumped out of the truck and starting dropping dogs, throwing gear out of the truck and harnessing.  Just a little stress!  Bruce had a great run and took 7th.   We pulled Indigo off the injury list and put her in so that she would get him through the crowds, past the dogs and make the head on passes without problems.  She pulled through and didn’t let us down.

So the final results were 8th overall and we couldn’t be happier.  To place in the top 10 amongst this level of competition is hard to put into words!  All the musher’s spoke at the banquet and the common theme was that it was so exciting and an honor to run with literally some of the best teams in the world.  To watch these teams on the trail was a real treat and to learn from the mushers and handlers is something you’ll find nowhere else.  This group of mushers and race staff are some of the friendliest and most helpful people we have ever met at a race.  We are looking forward to next year already! 



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