Ladies & Gentlemen We Have Blast Off!

There is an exciting energy at the race this year with lots of new changes and new race crew members.   There were some last minute rule changes that didn’t go over very well due to the delayed announcement.  This is understandable; however, most of the changes were in the interest of safety for dogs and others so it’s hard to take issue with that.  Due to the rule changes there was a wee bit of tension at the driver’s meeting, but nothing the new Race Marshall, Terry Adkins couldn’t handle, especially since he packs heat!   LOL

The ceremonial start went off flawlessly.   There was one change this year and that was that the times do not mean anything.  They used to determine your starting order for the next day; however, this year we will start in Alpine based on when we signed up.   Bruce will be the 4th team out.    The trail received a foot of new snow on Thursday and given that we will run this stage on Saturday, we expect to see quite a bit of snowmobile traffic.  This means that trail will most likely be soft and a bit of work for the dogs.   It was a very wet snow, so we are hoping that an early start will have a freshly groomed trail and we can beat the sledders heading out to the mountains.  As of this evening they intend to do the 58 mile loop.

Here is our 2014 Stage Team:

Meet Cora, 3 years old.  Billy x Ira   How can you not love that smile?  Don’t be fooled this little gal is tough.  She helped lead Bruce out of some very tough conditions last year in Kemmerer.

2014 team 002 This is Toohey 4 years old  Fireball x Turtle   Penny is one of our main leaders and will be paired with her sister Penny.  They are the only two that can put up with each other as they both have lots of attitude to go!2014 team 003

Meet Drift  2 yrs  SikSik x Caliber.   This behemoth ran on our team last year as a yearling and he is as serious as they come.  He absolutely loves to go ….. everyday we’ll let him! 2014 team 007

Melba 3 yrs  Della x Dash  This girl proved how tough she was running three stages in Yellowknife last year.   She has tons of speed and is an everyday dog that is tireless. 2014 team 008

Typhoon 3 yrs.   Utah x Stina  This newcomer is a firecracker with lots of speed and desire to run.   We are looking at him to be an everyday dog for us. 2014 team 012

Zephyr 3 yrs Utah x Stina  This is Typhoons partner in crime.  Like his brother he is a fluid speedster.  He has endless energy and can also run up front if necessary. 2014 team 013

Provo 3 yrs.  Utah x Wendy  This one is a serious sled dog.  She is all power on the line and drives super hard.  Gifted sled dog that we are looking for several stages from.2014 team 016

Penny 4 yrs.   Fireball x  Turtle  This is Toohey’s sister and a main leader.  She is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet until you hook her up and then she goes ape!  2014 team 017

SikSik 6 yrs   Marmelade x Porcha   One of our main leaders.  Hard driving and fast.  He will be paired with his brother Spike who I neglected to get a photo of.  Imagine same dog, but all white! 2014 team 019Sedona 7 yrs  Ricky x Witch – Sedona is this years seasoned veteran.  Having run every Stage Stop with us since she was a yearling, this dog is invincible.   She is having one of her best training seasons this year and is remarkable.   She is a leader and cheerleader for the team.

2014 team 020Triscuit 3yrs  Della x Dash  Super point dog that has proven she is a multiple day stage dog.  Outstanding speed and she will run up front if necessary. 2014 team 022This is Kaloof.   4 yrs  Sedona x Kenny brother to Durbin.   This dog is nuts.  He got it from his mother.   An absolute powerhouse on the line.   He had bad luck last year after getting into a tiny spat before the race and it took him out of the race.  He is back this year with a vengeance. 2014 team 023Breezy 3 years  Utah x Stina   This is one tireless dog.  It will be interesting to see if she ever tires.   If she is like her Aunt Sedona, she should prove to be an energizer bunny. 2014 team 024 Durbin 4 yrs Sedona x Kenny  a veteran stage dog that gives us multiple days and has gifted speed.  He is Kaloof’s brother and a key part of the team.2014 team 005

Not pictured – Spike 6 yrs.  Marmelade x Porcha  — Spike is the brother to SikSik and a main Leader.  The two of them led my winning TCSDR team this year in 18″ of fresh snow; they were like a freight train.

Not pictured – Zesty 3 yrs  Della x Dash — sister to Melba and Triscuit this dynamo is a super point dog that is a proven multi-day dog.   She loves to run fast and looks awesome doing it.

The team and the rest of the crew are ready for some racing tomorrow.   So let’s get’s this party started!!


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