Stage 6 – Kemmerer Predictably Tough

The driver’s were told this could be the fastest trail yet, but those that have ran this course knew better and they were right.   The trail was very soft and punchy and took a toll on several teams as it always does.  The weather was good and stayed in the twenties so it did not get too hot.  Despite the trail conditions, Lina Gladh and Aaron Peck had smoking fast runs and both beat Buddy.  Both of their teams looked phenomenal coming in.  Aaron ran a ton and many witnessed his athletic ability, which was as impressive as his dogs.  Both Aaron and dogs came screaming through the finish line.   Joe Gans had some troubles and came in with a dog in the bag.  Sam Perrino only went out with 8 and had to bag two dogs, which opened the door for Bruce to jump into 4th place overall.  This is the same position we were in last year with Sam.  There is only 8 minutes between them and it looks like Evanston will be a duel.   Sam knows how to pull one out in a duel so we have to come tomorrow with our “A” game. 

We went with 11 dogs led by Billy and Cheyenne.  The team came in looking good except one dog was physically exhausted and earned himself a day off.  Poor guy; this is not his trail as we had to bag him on this stage last year.  Our young dogs are really stepping up to the plate and taking more stages than we planned, but they are happy, eager and learning a ton.

We were told at the driver’s meeting that Evanston has minimal snow and there will be plenty of sections up top where teams will not be able to hook down.  This should be interesting.  Evanston can be a make or break stage and we’ve never had good luck on this one.

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