Stage 7 – Up to the Minute Update

It’s 7:30AM and we woke this morning to 8″ of fresh snow and it is snowing like mad outside.  Frank Teasley just came and told us that it is expected to get worse and he is working on Plan A, B & C.  Plan A would be to get the mushers off to the start if possible and make them take all mandatory gear with the expectation they will be spending the night or more on the mountain until we can get to the teams with the handler trucks.  This could be a nightmare becuase the road to the finish is hairy on a good day.  Plan B is to shut down Main Street and put on a show for 10 blocks and Plan C is to delay the race for a day.  Our vote is for plan C because we are so dang close and don’t want to lose a stage.  Plan B would just be a waste of energy it’s doubtful people will be traveling downtown for the show and Plan A just sounds miserable for both musher and dogs after 6 days of this crap.  Frank is trying to find all the mushers and have them meet at our motel at 8:00AM to make a decision.  It’s going to be a fun day!

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