Summer is Here

Musher training has begun and boy was it needed!!  We started a hiking program and it has been grueling.  Out of the gate we started hiking 3-4 miles each day for 3 days a week and now we are up to 8-9 miles per day just 3 weeks later.  Bruce has lost 5 lbs and I’m down 3 — I was ahead of him until yesterday, but that’s female genes for ya!  We are hiking with poles to burn extra calories and to keep us upright after a long hike!!  We have been taking a dog or two with us on every hike and they just love it.  Most have never been on an excursion so long before without being on the gangline and its very cool to see their excitement.  It’s also amazing how the majority of the dogs in our kennel just naturally hang around with us on a walk and have no desire to take off, it’s as if we trained them to heel.

When we are not hiking we are taking the rest of the dogs in the kennel down to the pond to cool off and allow them the opportunity to run around and just be dogs.  We believe the free running really helps keep them keep stretched out and helps the cardio during the off season.  It also helps with boredom and we have less issues in the yard. 

We are looking for another handler to help us out this Fall/Winter so if you know of anyone tell them to call.  We are looking for someone experienced to help Jane train during the week.  We will have enough dogs for a 3rd team to run and we need to keep them all in shape while we are out of town.  We have a wonderful private cabin for the handler to live in.  Everything is brand new and it has all the perks of home; internet, tv, heat, electric and plumbing!  Have a great summer!

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