The litter that almost never was

7 months and 3,658 miles later we finally have puppies and what an ordeal it was! Witch was dropped off to the Swingley’s in May as soon as she went into heat; however, it wasn’t going to be that easy. Witch had different plans and wouldn’t have anything to do with Ricky. We now believe she wanted a vacation out west. By September she had not come back into heat and we reluctantly decided to bring her home. Again, she had different plans a just a few days before the pick-up we were informed she had been bred. With the breeding out of the way we had to get her home during the middle of training season. So she traveled from Montana to International Falls, Minnesota where she stayed for a few weeks. From there she was transported to Duluth where she was picked up and then brought to Chatam, MI. She stayed in Chatam for a week and finally found her way home the last week of October just in the nick of time to deliver. However, she again had different plans and chose to deliver a week late. It was all worth it when 7 healthy puppies arrived on November 17th. 4 girls and 3 boys!

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