The Midnight Trot

Well, they call it the Midnight Run; however, that’s not what our team had in mind and trotting is what they did!  Seems the grueling conditions from Wyoming paid their toll and as we had worried the team was not willing to let it rip.  We were only able to get 2 very short speed runs on them in less than ideal conditions before the race and as we suspected that was not nearly enough to speed them back up in time.  We had hoped for lots of snow and tough conditions because we were ready for that; however, that was not the case and the snow didn’t come until after the race finished!  To make matters worse we had our typical bad luck at this race and Bruce had his share of issues the first half.  He managed to take out an orange barrier and drag that for a while, which caused major confusion and a tangle and then the team turned around and started back to where they caught the barrier — 20 minutes down the drain.  Sorry to all you folks running behind him that  would have liked the barrier to be in place 🙁  We have decided that we should now be elected officers of the “MNR Bad Run Club” after running so many consecutive years of unclean runs at this event.   It has become part of my checkpoint routine to add an extra 15-20 minutes to his expected arrival time the first half to account for our special share of “incidents”!   Anna, who was running our 2nd team, also had her share of fun.  Having never stepped on the runners behind our team before none of us went into this with any great expectations — that would be unrealistic given the situation.  As it turned out one of the leaders decided to give Anna a hard time and she wound up bagging her 20 minutes in.  On arrival the dog was happy as a clam, bouncing around and showed no signs of injury.  She left the checkpoint without her.  One dog that was a little sore became real sore on the 2nd half.  After a few leader switches they struggled their way into the finish.  Poor Anna!  She had hoped to let it rip and yell out a few Yippee Eye Yahs, but their was no Yippee going on Friday to her dismay!  Hopefully, she enjoyed the scenery through her frost covered eyelashes!    So now we are off to the Can-Am.  The team seems to be settled into a pace we would hope for for the 250, but my team may struggle in the 60 miler and looks like I might be doing more than my fair share of running those hills out there.  After going 40 hours without sleep at this past race the very thought of running hills does not sound appealing.

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