The Off Season

So what are we doing in the off season?  Working with dogs and just working!   Bruce and I have been putting alot of time into our puppies taking them on daily walks, teaching them simple commands like sit and down.  We take them to work to expose them to people and all sorts of noise and there is nothing noiser than a forge shop!   So far they are turning out to be a really nice bunch of pups and handle new things with ease.  There is only one that is a little wimp and he  doesn’t like to travel, despite the fact that he has done so every weekend since he was 6 weeks old) so we’re hoping that will change with time.  The weather has been cool enough in the AM to run dogs at least once each weekend so we’ve been hooking up the teams and doing about 3.5-4 miles.  The dogs are a little rowdy when the mornings are cool so it’s been fun to help them burn off energy.

We had to re-grate the entire kennel to knock down all the burms that have built up.  It was a real hazard walking around the kennel tripping over dirt burms.  So it took us two days and it probably won’t last a week.  In addition, we worked on a sprinkler system to help cool the dogs off this summer and to keep the dust down.  We have nothing but sand and it can be a blessing in the Spring, but a nightmare the rest of the year if it’s dry and it’s been dry.

Bruce made a trip out to Montana to pick up some dogs from the Swingley’s and spent a day chatting with them.  We added 6 new additions to the kennel, check them out on page -3- (Billy, T.J., Ivan, Maximus, Shiner and Bam Bam).  They are all fitting in nicely and seem to be quite happy in their new surroundings.

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