WARNING: This blog has been rated R due to content

In the quiet town of Rock Springs, WY in the dark shadows of the local McDonald’s parking lot the town was jolted to attention to the sounds of high pitched screaming.  It sounded as if a dog was being killed.  Onlookers sat in their cars in the drive thru trying to discern what was going on in the front of the dog truck, which was of no concern to the two romantic teenagers.  There was no killing going on, but rather over dramatic young love.  TJ and Rocky (aka Rockstar), both pedigreed like sled dog royalty had their very first romantic tryst and we’re not sure if it was everything they thought it would be.  Rocky must be given cudos for his Rico Sauve moves as he managed, with no prior experience, to woo TJ, known for her snarky disposition.  TJ, being unusually flirtatious got more than she bargained for and drew quite a bit of attention as she screamed at the top of her lungs during her first romantic encounter.  Fearing that TJ might injure Rocky, Bruce intruded on the tryst like an unwanted chaperone at a Spin The Bottle Party.  Despite being the 3rd wheel he hung in there and cringed everytime she let out a high pitched wail.  It was almost embarassing.  9 minutes later the couple realized they had survived the ordeal and TJ did the most hyperactive dance of excitement we have ever seen. She was jumping up and down, rolling in the snow, biting at Rocky and squealing like a little pig.  The Rockstar was overwhelmed by the whole event and wondered what in the hell he had gotten in to.  Our crystal ball is telling us that if this tryst is successful in 63 days the birth will be very loud and dramatic!

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