UP 200

I don’t think I’m in the right frame of mind yet for this race.  Could it be becuase I just got done with 3 weeks of handling and I’m working with a sleep deficit and exhausted?  Maybe.  It seems that everyone is so excited and I realized today that I would be too if this was like the 2nd big race of the year.  However, this would be our 10th race this year since you have to count every stage of Stage Stop as an individual race.  I guess I’m allowed to feel drained.  We had a long day prior to the start and spent most of it getting our bearings around the nuances of the 200 vs. the Midnight Run.  It’s a long day.  We were up at 7:30AM and didn’t start racing until 8:00PM.  We camped out in the parking lot of Applebees and caught an hour rest.  It should be an interesting race.  We arrived in a blizzard and heard this morning that Grand Marais has received 51 inches of snow in the past 4 days.  Sounds like it is going to be a slug fest.  This will play right into the hands of all the Iditarod mushers who can march through the stuff.  The hard, fast trail is certainly more conducive to our team’s training this year; however, they definitely got to see snow out west.  It will be interesting to see how they handle it for the long haul.  We know that it will help Bruce slow them down and get them into a pace that will be more manageable for the mileage.  We had a clean start and the team was amped.  It took me 2.5 hours to get to Grand Marais and I’m getting ready to nap in the back seat until morning.  All the handlers have jockeyed for parking spots and things are settling down.  Stay tuned as I will try to update as time goes on. 

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