We’ve Arrived

2 1/2 days of driving and we are finally here.  Roads were uneventful and good until we hit Wyoming, which at this point doesn’t surprise me anymore.  We were welcomed back to Wyoming with an ice covered road and a pickup swerving out of control in front of us.  Speed dropped, emergency blinkers went on and we crawled the rest of the way to Alpine.  We’ve learned that the key to driving here is to drive defensively and stay the hell out of everyone’s way.  I’ve talked about the truckers before, but it still continues to baffle me when they scream by at 70+ on bad roads in the mountains.  I have let out a mini-screach many a times when they’ve blasted by so close that the snow just slams into the windows sounding like they are tearing off your mirrors.  I am convinced that these drivers must be certifiable, adrenaline junkies to drive like they do. 

Snow levels look lower than last year and it would appear at this point that some stages might be hard and fast.  We’ve heard that the first stage in Lander is struggling for snow and they might re-route it like they did our first year.  This would mean an approximate 50 mile loop instead of the 76 mile run over the mountains to Pinedale.  Alpine on the other hand is not suffering from a lack of snow and today we are sitting in the motel as a blizzard blasts outside.  So far we have received 6″ in just 3-4 hours.  The highways are shut down in both directions as a result of accidents.  Apparently, a trucker took out a truck pulling a trailer on one pass and it’s a big mess.  Good thing our plan is to just let the dogs rest today at altitude and head out to the trail tomorrow AM for their first run.  Today we get to do what we never get to do…..VEG OUT and eat, read, and watch tv ……….. feels like a vacation.  Oh, I take that back, Bruce and I seem to have no issue finding time to eat.  We are staying at the Alpen Haus, which has really nice big rooms.  This morning we ate at the Yankee Doodle and I was geeked because I got to have a spicy breakfast; eggs, with refried beans and green chili sauce on a corn tortilla!  YUM!!!   JR, I’m sure you wish you could have an order 🙂  Oh and Anderson’s I just want you to know that we didn’t get the cushy, pillow top beds and I’m blaming you guys.  You see because there was just two of us we didn’t get the room with 2 king sized beds with the pillow tops!  Next year, you’re coming so we can get the good beds!  This is just the beginning of my list of reasons why you better plan on attending next year.

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