For the first time in 4 years the Dubois trail head was a lonely place.  This morning we pulled in behind the Swingley crew and it was just our 3 teams training today.  Doug and I commented on how lonely it was up there becuase usually there are at least 4-5 vehicles training there.  The Gilbertson’s are usually there and they are MIA.  Sam Perrino had been there, but apparently had headed in to pick up Petra at the airport.  The Phillips and Anderson’s who are usually there didn’t come this year.  It was strange.  Then we drove to Jackson Hole tonight and we haven’t seen a single musher?!?!?!   There are usually a few teams staying at this motel.  We started to laugh and wonder if anyone would be at the vet check tomorrow?

The team had a nice run today.  We tried out a couple sets of different leaders to see how they worked together.  We are excited that Pepper is turning out to be a great leader unphased by anything so it looks like he is going to be on our 3rd set of leaders.  We are working with 3 key sets of leaders and will rotate them through out the race.  Bruce and Mel got to see each other on the trail and do some passing and then had a little fun coming in on the last run running side by side.  I told Doug that if Mel passed Bruce he was going to have to jog to Jackson Hole since he had left before her.  We laughed as the drove the dogs into the parking lot.  The fun begins tomorrow! 


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